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Where (as well as how) to sell expensive diamonds for cash in 2023

Where (as well as how) to sell expensive diamonds for cash in 2023

In case you are considering offering your old diamonds or diamond jewelry for money, you’ll find three actions you need to simply take before you decide to sell, that we detail below, as well as purchasers i would recommend. The tips made here are according to:

  • Online reviews from customers
  • Speed
  • Bbb scores
  • Reports from reliable magazines
  • Age of the organization
  • Ease of use of their websites
  • Visibility in their process
  • General belief that these are premium businesses that worry about their clients

Exactly what you really want to know is probably this:

Where is it possible to offer my diamond for optimum cost? Response:
Diamondssugar momma website usa free

has a lowest price assurance. Discover precisely why they truly are the most truly effective option:

Pricing and cost

  • Receives a commission within 24 hours of recognized provide
  • 10per cent extra should you deliver the object within 1 week
  • 100percent greatest rate guarantee


  • Better Business Bureau standing of A+
  • Launched 2005
  • 4.7/5 Trustpilot stars

Protection and insurance coverage

  • 100 % free guaranteed mailer (up to $100,000) delivered to your home
  • Purchases silver, sterling silver, platinum precious jewelry, watches, coins and scrap
  • 100percent greatest cost promise

Value include

  • Assured highest price
  • The selection of delivery: USPS or FedEx, or print label at home for fastest procedure
  • Unless you take their offer,
    will be sending your product straight back instantly, cost free
  • Accepts all expensive diamonds, aside from size or quality

But if performance will be your basic concern, begin with your local pawn store or precious jewelry store. Begin by asking around for a recommendation from family and friends, check Yelp and bbb critiques. You can always get a quote from a regional institution, perhaps discover one thing regarding your diamond, then get rates from some on-line purchasers, as well.

Prepared sell your diamond for cash? You can find simply three tips for attempting to sell diamonds:

3 measures for selling diamonds:

1. just before sell expensive diamonds, keep yourself well-informed about the value of your diamond

A diamond’s importance depends upon a variety of facets, the most important which include the rock’s color, cut, clarity, and carat. You can acquire a diamond certification from a lab like GIA, or use invoice details through the original acquisition. A reliable regional jeweler can also help.

Subsequently, look up similar expensive diamonds obtainable on a website like BlueNile, and anticipate to bring about 30per cent of this shopping value whenever you sell, states Rapaport.

Diamond resale rates were on a roller coaster previously number of years: costs jumped 31per cent during pandemic to a top final April, but I have fallen 7percent since January, 2022, with costs anticipated to end up being comfortable through the basic half the entire year rest of the 12 months, based on Rapaport. Why?

  • Softening U.S. economy
  • Improved popularity in research expensive diamonds
  • Harsh and shiny diamond products are extremely large

“Manufacturers are required to carry on to use extreme caution inside their harsh buying at the beginning of the season,” Rapaport composed in a
current report

Year-on-Year Diamond cost Change for top level 25 quality 1-carat circular diamonds (D-H colors, IF-VS2 quality):

April 2020 -13per cent
April 2021 +16per cent
April 2022 +28per cent
Jauary 2023 -7percent
Rapaport – RapNet Diamond Index (RAPI)

While Rapaport anticipates these larger prices to continue to decrease throughout first 50 % of 2023.

2. Get a diamond assessment before you sell

A diamond appraisal is actually a document that specifies the key traits of a diamond and its own environment, including carat, color, understanding, slice and proportions, and provides a buck price estimate of what it is well worth — whether for insurance rates purposes, or about selling industry.
More about diamond appraisals here

3. Evaluate all reputable diamond purchasers

Now that you understand what you have and a concept of just what it might be really worth, you are ready to think about selling your diamond by researching diamond buyers online and in your area.
Much more about the diamond buyer analysis here

Diamonds American
(formerly CashforDiamondsUSA), is among the most strongly related most diamond sellers because they can help you promote the subsequent (and a lot more):

  • Engagement ring with a little heart rock of every dimensions
  • Wedding ring with many small expensive diamonds for the environment
  • Engagement ring with small expensive diamonds and other gems in the environment
  • All the other diamond, silver, gemstone and even silver precious jewelry and coins

This blog post explains why you should sell your wedding day or gemstone

Diamonds United States Of America lately ordered a set of 1-carat diamond earrings with an M shade rating and I2 clearness for $1,800:

You can find cases which
will not be the best option.

In the event the heart rock diamond is at least .5 carat and maybe additionally from a brand like
, you can also check
WP Expensive Diamonds
, and
I Do Today I Really Don’t

How much cash tend to be diamonds well worth?

Grading and valuing a diamond is actually an intricate process, the one that calls for a professional specialist and advantages of advanced laboratory technologies.

The price could receive for any diamond, regardless of where you sell it, is determined by many aspects, such as the dimensions, understanding and slice of your diamond and the marketplace demand for your own gem, as well as the honesty and stability of the purchaser!

Also, it is crucial to bear in mind that selling property value a diamond (or any fine jewelry) would be not as than what you purchased it, merchandising.

Having said that, there are several standard methods and conditions that anyone can use to verify they comprehend any price cited because of their diamonds, and help you comprehend exacltly what the diamond is definitely worth. Keep reading to learn about the diamond and what it is really worth.

4 C’s of diamonds

The 4 C’s are a well-recognized foundation for measuring the standard and property value your diamond. A diamond grading information is effective in determining importance.


Colour of gem-quality diamonds occurs in colors including entirely colorless (the rarest of expensive diamonds), to tones of yellow (also known as “canary diamonds) and brown (“cognac diamonds”).  Colorless expensive diamonds will be the rarest. Exceptional, “fancy” diamonds which are obviously bluish, yellow, and pink are graded independently, separate size.


Diamonds normally have inner flaws also known as inclusions, or external traits acknowledged blemishes. Diamonds without inclusions or imperfections tend to be uncommon; however, many faculties could only be observed with magnification. This is basically the diamond understanding scale through the United states Gem community side-by-side because of the Gemological Institute of The united states’s (GIA) clearness grading scale:


The carat is the diamond’s physical fat calculated in metric carats. One carat equals 1/5 gram and is subdivided into 100 points. Carat weight is one of objective quality in the 4Cs.


Cut is in fact the way the cutter cut the diamond, additionally the ability and accuracy of the cutter’s work. The greater number of accurate the slice, more stunning the diamond is consider.

During the 4 C’s, slashed refers to the precision that a rock is faceted of the diamond-cutter. But your message slice in addition denotes the design in the diamond — several forms are more popular, and a lot more valuable as opposed to others.

Is a data of forms and charges for various, well-known diamond shapes with similar characteristics, from BlueNile. It may help you recognize the worthiness and worth of circular brilliant-cut diamonds, princess (square), emerald (step-cut rectangle), marquise expensive diamonds, along with other forms.

You also want to know just how much a baguette or trillion-cut diamond may be worth?

A baguette diamond is actually a lengthy, 14-facet diamond generally used as an accent or part rock on a solitaire band, or as an element of forever band, while a trillion is a triangle-shape normally utilized as a side-stone in a piece of fine jewelry. Every one of these forms are usually perhaps not really worth more than a few hundred dollars, though a more substantial baguette or trillion of high quality is well worth a lot more.

Additional factors, such as the diamond’s record (regarding a classic rock, including) and underlying market problems can also change the end cost for a stone. A diamond official certification will typically outline much of the specific information on a stone, while a diamond appraisal use that information along with other data to designate it a value.

Exactly how much do you really drop attempting to sell a diamond?

Be prepared to get between 30per cent and 50percent of today’s shopping worth of your diamond at selling. The reason why consist of:

  • Diamond buyers are really merely enthusiastic about the guts rock, that they can repurpose into various other, more contemporary items of jewellery, or custom things with regards to their clients. The suggested retail price you settled includes the style, more compact area stones, work, and retail knowledge. A diamond wholesale purchaser or diamond trade will fade the metal down to scrap.
  • General precious jewelry buyers need to make a revenue whenever they resell your ring or earrings, so they choose buy reasonable, and then turn around and sell your own diamond for a higher rate.
  • There’s usually confusion towards total carat body weight of an engagement ring and other precious jewelry. A common misunderstanding is the fact that the jewellery manager feels that, eg, she’s a 1 carat diamond ring, when in truth, the middle stone is .5 carats, additionally the surrounding more compact rocks total .5 carats. Most jewelers or jewellery purchasers treasure the smaller rocks almost no — maybe below $100 utter in this case — and therefore are just interested in the center stone.

One of the reasons a lot of women choose to not offer their diamonds or band is the fact that cost these are typically cited from a jeweler or auction site is significantly lower than they think their particular bands is worth. Generally, the selling property value a diamond is about one-third of what you will really pay merchandising.

That said, expensive diamonds have a captivating selling market, and
old jewellery,
a band from a divorced wedding, or passed down
house jewellery
results in necessary cash whenever offered to a reputable diamond customer.

Simply how much is it possible to offer a diamond for?

While diamond selling is intimidating and tense, you can head into your neighborhood jeweler and see if she or he will get your jewellery or free diamond for money — and use the provide immediately.

But can be more rewarding to sell a band or any other diamonds on the internet from one of this
top diamond buyers
, who’ll send a FedEx or USPS mailer to your doorway free-of-charge, and immediately your item their workplaces for evaluation, assessment and quick repayment.

At the end of your day, the diamond is worth just what some body is willing to shell out you for it at that moment. Considering the rapid surge and fall of diamond prices in recent times, i will suggest selling prior to later on before prices fall furthermore.

One-carat diamond: simply how much is one 1-carat diamond value?

Usually, only the middle stone of your own band or necklace will hold any significant selling value, and also the encompassing silver or
, and little area stones are considered scrap. You will only obtain the melt worth of that setting.


, the location gold worth in the United States ended up being exchanging at $

per oz, or $

per gram.

Let me reveal a recently available retail diamond worth chart for an individual 1-carat, brilliant (rounded) free diamond on BlueNile. Note the number regarding traits of 1-carat rocks may include $2,473 to $12,317 for an ideal, colorless 1-carat diamond.

Note these are typically merchandising costs for loose, 1-carat expensive diamonds sold to purchasers. Selling costs might be much lower.

One-carat diamond resale value: $1,036 to $5,946, dependent on clarity, color and shape

Two-carat diamond: simply how much is actually a 2 carat diamond value?

Again, diamond resale prices depend on the size and style and quality of the middle rock, not overall carat fat of the many expensive diamonds when you look at the portion.

Two-carat diamond resale worth: $2,167 to $15,254

Half-carat diamond: Exactly how much is actually a .5-carat diamond really worth?

Per BlueNile, half-carat free diamond shopping rates start from $310 to $5,759. Any time you sell via Worthy or Diamonds USA, your own diamond’s resale importance is likely a few hundred bucks or much less.

Quarter-carat diamond: just how much is a .25-carat diamond value?

a high-quality quarter-carat diamond may retail between $500 and $1,000, but diamond selling value will likely be about a third of these figures.

Are problematic expensive diamonds worthwhile a lot more?

Flawed expensive diamonds, such as problematic diamond rings, are worth not as much as expensive diamonds with a greater quality tone and clarity. Inclusions inside a diamond, along with marks and chips on its surface, can reduce a diamond’s price.

Do you know the defects in diamonds?

There are 2 types of defects in diamonds: inclusions and blemishes. Inclusions tend to be internal imperfections that take place during formation associated with the rock, such as:

  • Deposits – Diamond or mineral embedded in the stone
  • Feathers – small cracks inside a diamond
  • Uncrystallized carbon – dark colored spots that create a salt-and-pepper impact inside a diamond

Imperfections happen following the formation associated with the diamond, generally during production procedure, and include chips and marks into diamond’s area.

In case you are wondering “will it be normal for diamonds to possess imperfections?” — the solution is yes. Almost every diamond features flaws. The clearness grading of a stone is determined by just how visible these imperfections are.

Whom purchases flawed expensive diamonds?

Top on line diamond customer
Diamonds United States Of America
purchases flawed diamonds, including damaged and damaged expensive diamonds. You can aquire a totally free assessment and cost within 24 hours of Diamond American obtaining your own diamond.

Just what are melee diamonds? Tend to be melee diamonds worth something?

Melee diamonds are particularly tiny expensive diamonds being popular as accents, or even in pavé, halo and channel settings. Eternity bands frequently make use of melee expensive diamonds.

Diamond selling value for tiny expensive diamonds are much less, and are frequently sold predicated on their particular collective fat for hundreds of dollars or much less. Sellers often find that silver or platinum setting of a diamond ring will probably be worth the maximum amount of or even more versus genuine diamonds.

A full carat’s really worth of melee diamonds is really worth between $200 and $1,000, according to high quality.

In which may I get a hold of melee diamond buyers?

If you wish to sell melee diamonds, we recommend offering these to
Diamonds American
, which buys all expensive diamonds, no matter what their particular dimensions, problem, advertising, or artistic value.

You may also sell melee expensive diamonds some other internet based diamond buyers, on consignment, on websites like ebay, also to some regional jewelry stores and pawn retailers.

Diamond accents: tend to be diamond accents really worth such a thing?

Accent rocks on a band or other bit of fine jewelry are simply small area stones complimenting the more expensive heart stone. Accent stones are usually melee diamonds, but not constantly.

a top-notch quarter-carat diamond may retail between $500 and $1,000, but diamond resale value is going to be about a third of these figures.

Any diamond around .10 carats is available considering their weight, like melee.

Chipped diamonds: How much cash is actually a chipped diamond really worth?

When your diamond is actually tiny — around .5 carats — a chipped diamond is not worth a great deal. However, bigger diamonds, especially those being high-quality, could be interesting to a diamond consumer just who thinks they’re able to recut the diamond into a gem they can bring in money. But the price might provide you with might be not as much as if diamond just isn’t chipped, obviously.

What is the most effective way to offer a diamond?

Should you decide already know just the solutions to these concerns, or tend to be normally prepared to promote your own diamonds or free diamonds, our leading place to sell diamonds is an online diamond buyer:
Diamonds USA

  • Complimentary door-to-door FedEx delivery
  • Pays within 24 hours
  • 10% bonus when you send in your diamond or jewellery within 7 days
  • Appraisals tend to be carried out by the Gem Institute of The united states
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • 100percent promise highest cost
  • Launched in 2005 and settled vast amounts well worth of gold, expensive diamonds and other superb and watches, including

But in case your diamond is big and worth no less than $1,000, start off with one of the other places advised like Worthy, WP Diamonds, or i actually do today I really don’t.

Ideas on how to sell the diamond to

DiamondsUSA is amongst the best diamond purchasers around, and simple to utilize:

  1. Head to
    and request an appraisal kit, including a FREE prepaid overnight FedEx mailer sent to, and found away from you home. The object is insured en transportation doing $100,000 by Jeweler’s Mutual insurance coverage. Lloyds of London guarantees the Diamonds American facility.
  2. Once obtained, you get a verification mail or call, and Diamonds USA assesses your own item and stretches a deal.
  3. As soon as you accept the offer, receives a commission in 24 hours or less.

Submit your own object within 7 days to get a 10per cent extra. Lowest price guarantee.

If you decide to decrease the offer for reasons uknown, Diamonds American will right away go back your own object free-of-charge, no concerns questioned.

Find out more about this company inside our
Expensive diamonds American 2023 overview

In which could I sell a diamond or engagement ring near me personally?

People begin their particular diamond-selling trip with regional organizations in your area. These might feature:

If you wish to begin attempting to sell a diamond with an estimate from an area, examine Yelp, ask pals, and search the greater company Bureau for diamond buyers in your area. Bring all paperwork for the object (like a GIA or any other
diamond grading document
), and do not commit to a-sale without a second opinion.

Perform jewelers buy expensive diamonds?

Indeed, jewelers typically buy free diamonds, diamond rings alongside jewelry — as well as provide insurance-replacement appraisals.

Carry out pawn stores buy expensive diamonds?

pawn shops buy diamond jewelry
and free diamonds, though typically for much below what a jeweler or web diamond buyer will probably pay.

Main point here: has become a great time to sell expensive diamonds?

While diamonds {ha